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Computer Repair and Maintenance in Nairobi Kenya

Whether you have a specific problem, or your computer is simply feeling sluggish, our team of experts can help. We can return your computer to optimal performance by remotely repairing it at a fair and affordable price. We offer a wide range of services including a general PC tune up, virus and adware removal, software upgrades, as well as assistance with any other issue you may encounter

 PC Tune-Up 

Our PC tune-up package is a comprehensive suite of maintenance tasks that guarantees you a speedier computer. This package provides a solution for the most common issues that leave your computer feeling slow. Our technicians will eliminate any viruses or adware programs plaguing your computer, do a thorough registry repair, perform a disk clean-up, remove unwanted software, as well as manage your start-up applications to ensure a fast boot-up for your computer. An increase in performance and productivity is guaranteed. 

  Infection Removal  

Malware infections on your computer may vary in severity, from a simple annoyance to a serious security threat. Malware authors have grown far more sophisticated in their efforts to invade your computer, and you may have malicious software present on your computer without you even knowing. Allow our security experts to diligently and thoroughly examine your computer for any signs of malware and eliminate any infection found, leaving you with a safer and faster computer.  

    Windows Repair  

Our team is well versed in all the latest Windows and Linux roperating systems. Our technicians are familiar with all facets of these operating systems, meaning any problem that develops on your system will be quickly tracked down, and a solution provided. Let our experience and knowledge be made of use, and allow us to assist you. 

  Software Installation and Removal 

Some software can be difficult to install or remove and it can be very frustrating. An application may offer an array of different confusing options for configuration, or the installation / uninstallation may fail with a cryptic error. Allow us to assist you in this matter by installing or uninstalling any software on your computer, hassle free.  

   Security Updates and Patches Installation 

Software vendors frequently release updates for their products, that may provide additions to their feature set or fix urgent security vulnerabilities. Allow us to ensure your computer remains up to date. By enrolling in this plan, your computer will not only be safer, but you will also receive the benefit of any bug fixes or feature additions that have been added in software updates.  

  Data Backups  

We often store our precious memories and vital data on our computers without thought to the possibility that our data could be lost. Unfortunately this is a reality that strikes the unprepared far too often. Hard drives are not impregnable, and data loss can occur at any time. Give yourself peace of mind and security by allowing our technicians to back up your system and ensure the integrity of your data.  

  Onsite Services 

Our technicians are also able to visit your home or office to repair and maintain your computers. We provide our full suite of services to our onsite clients, and promise the highest level of professionalism when performing our services in your home or place of business.

  Problems we can fix remotely 

  • Virus and Spyware Infections
  • Slow computer issues
  • Slow startup issues
  • Computer reboots and crashes
  • Slow Internet connection
  • E-mail account configuration
  • Problems with sending and receiving emails
  • Email rules setup
  • Hard disk crashes and errors
  • Filled up and fragmented hard disk
  • Incompatible and outdated drivers
  • Printer problems
  • Web browser issues
  • 404 Web browser problems
  • Blue screen errors
  • Problems with network connections
  • Software installation and configuration
  • Driver installation and configuration
  • Driver update installation
  • Firewall and security tool installation, configuration, and optimization
  • Damaged, corrupt and fragmented registry
  • Unwanted software
  • Operating system errors
  • Computer boot problems and errors
  • PC and application errors