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Website design and website hosting in Nairobi Kenya

Versatile Tech Limited designs custom designed websites with strategic insights to generate greater brand engagement, higher conversions and measurable results.We custom design & engineer responsive sites to perform.

At Versatile Tech Limited , we deliver a host of top-notch web design services.  From websites for sole traders and small limited companies, to enterprise and corporate solutions.

Some of the web design services we deliver are:

  • New website designed and built
  • Give existing site a complete make-over
  • Add extra features to an existing site
  • Manage and update an existing website
  • Make an existing website responsive / create a mobile friendly website
  • Create custom built landing pages for an advertising campaign
  • Fix sites – things aren’t working on the site or they’ve been hacked


Website Design Process

In order for a website design project to really take off there are a number of steps that need to be taken to ensure that everything is the best it can be.

1. Discovery & Targeted Website Strategy

From careful research to in-depth analysis and extensive planning, leading website designs can only be created once the goals of a project have been carefully outlined so key elements are visually stunning, yet easy to use.Our web designers take time to do analysis.

2.Planning & Information Architecture

A website’s features, functionalities, and structure should be clearly defined at the start of a project so that there is an accurate idea of what the website should look like that everyone involved on the project can use for reference throughout.

3.Creative Design & Mockup Iteration

Designs need to be based on industry research along with the goals and objectives of each specific project. It’s important to think about this because the best creative designs live and die by how well received by their target audience they are.

4.Front-end Coding & Back-end Development

This phase of the process ensures that everything on the website is easily editable by a user through a content management system, or CMS. There are many different options available, but each CMS needs to be simple to learn so that a business can regularly update the content on their site to keep their at its best to encourage users to come back for multiple visits.

5.Quality Assurance & Testing

The checklist for this process can be extremely long, but it is important that everything is done correctly in order to guarantee a successful launch for the website. Any problems that arise during this phase should be addressed immediately to avoid issues later on, and any top quality assurance team makes sure that every element is checked – from registration forms to site navigation.

6.Launch, Analysis & Optimization

However, the website isn’t quite complete – like any great project it is constantly evolving. Analysis needs to ongoing in order to measure how effective individual features and elements of a website actually are and how users are interacting with the website.